Mixed Media Abstract

Stained Glass Window Effect in Mixed Media

A colourful abstract composition , separated by white strips into geometric shapes .

I wanted to show you one of my lockdown art journal pieces , now that it is finished. I had seen a few great ideas online using masking tape to divide up paper or canvas into sections. Then you paint an abstract composition, remove the tape carefully and admire ! Well , I couldn’t find the tape , so , rather than waste time looking, I quickly ‘ drew ‘ some strips with pencil and ruler .Then came the fun part . I treated each shape as an independent unit and just painted instinctively. I will admit to having used a limited palette of colours , but no other planning took place .

Mixed Media with Collage

A collage sample sheet in acrylic paint

I really enjoyed using all kinds of media on this piece – first pen , then lots of watercolour . It might be a bit difficult to see in the image ‘ Fragments ‘, but at this stage , I glued on some cutouts of collage samples I made using leftover acrylic paints ( like the one above ) . After that , I couldn’t resist using coloured markers and oil pastels ( and a bit more acrylic in the strips ) .

Fragments of Landscape

What did I think about during the process ? Well, stained glass , glimpses of landscape through a window and colour experiments . But , to be honest, it took on a life of it’s own and I just painted intuitively . It’s quite small , about 8 inches square and I think it’s time I tried this on a much bigger scale . I wonder , do you ever experiment with mixed media work ?

Actually , I did a few mixed media pieces in my isolation art journal – you can see them on my Instagram account – @margarethallfineart or click on the button right at the very bottom of this post.

Isolation Art from my Art Journal

A  scary semi abstract composition , including a spider dropping from it's web and a large red " Don't Panic " sign in the corner .
Don’t Panic a piece I did back in March

Three Abstract Paintings on Canvas

Abstract Acrylic Painting in Red and Purple

Red and Purple

This is an intuitive abstract painting from a few weeks ago on a 2 foot square canvas which is the largest size I have ever painted. It took me a while to learn how to adapt the size and shape of the design to the square format , after the initial free expressive part of the painting . Of course , some semi-abstracted shapes crept in , but that was ok because it fitted in well with the story I was developing over three canvases . These formed a triptych which I entered in a commission to produce artwork for a chapel gallery in a local stately home . Unfortunately , I wasn’t successful but I felt it was a very useful exercise and I learned a lot about describing and presenting my work whilst doing the submission .

A large , colourful abstract painting on canvas  in red and purple , pegged out on a washing line .
On a Washing Line

However , now this work can now go public and here it is in a virtual exhibition called ‘ On a Washing Line ‘ presented by a group of local artists that I belong to. We were due to exhibit our recent work in the real world but this is the next best thing and a lot of fun too !

Hell on Earth

To let you into a bit of a secret , the piece was called ‘Hell on Earth ‘ the second of three paintings on canvas – a story about the difficulties the world seems to be going through just now. A dramatic piece to catch the eye and make a bold statement in a large space. But , don’t worry , the ending is hopeful and I will tell the tale in a while over a couple more posts .

You’ll see more of my abstract acrylic paintings in the gallery section – http://margarethallfineart.com/abstracts

A flower design – Mixed Media

Colourful Flower Painting in Watercolour and Collage

Bursting with Colour

I was quite pleased with this mixed media piece that I did in my art journal – I used pen ,watercolour , oil pastel, pencil and collage. It was inspired by the beauty of the Spring flowers and colours I could see all around me . I also tried to pay attention to the shape of the design too – a first for me .It cheers me up when I look at it . I hope you like it too !

You’ll find more colourful paintings of flowers in my Gallery ( Still Life and Flowers) http://margarethallfineart.com/still-life-and-flowers

Spring Time in Yorkshire Exhibition

My Favourite Spring Flowers – Acrylic Paintings

Daffs at the Allotment Acrylic on paper 16 x 12 inches

This acrylic painting , along with the other two I will show you, were chosen to be on display in a ‘Spring Time in Yorkshire ‘ exhibition at Skelmanthorpe Gallery featuring local artists ,in the month of April . But , of course , the exhibition was cancelled due to social isolation . This painting shows a sweet view of my allotment, complete with gardener and a row of daffodils , my favourite spring flowers .

I’ve just started working in the veg garden (a little bit late I know ) and today I sowed rocket and radish seeds and picked a stir fry of little shoots and things for dinner.

Bluebell Wood Acrylic on paper 16 x 12 inches

This painting – Bluebell Wood – was proving to be quite popular with my art friends and supporters and would have been for sale . But, they didn’t get to see it , nicely framed and in a gallery setting.

It’s bluebell time at the moment here in Yorkshire, UK , making all the little pieces of woodland around us shimmer with that heavenly blue, perfect for a vibrant , colourful painting .

Snowdrops in the Big Rockery Acrylic on paper 16 x 12 inches

Snowdrops in the Big Rockery is one of my favourite paintings .We often go walking in the grounds and park of a local stately home and this shows the very end of winter and the beginning of spring last year. If you look carefully, you can see small clumps of snowdrop flowers, shining in the low light of late afternoon.

I was really looking forward to seeing all the original artwork from my fellow artists for this exhibition . Alas , it didn’t happen , but , maybe next year !

Urban Sketching in Watercolour

Plein air watercolour sketching

From the Carpark

At last ! I managed to do a watercolour sketch outside from life (well , from the car window). And the house really was painted green ! I didn’t realise how much I would miss painting from life and going on Urban Sketchers Yorkshire days out . This took 20 minutes for the watercolour sketch and a little finish off at home with a fineliner . I like my plein air sketches to keep that freshness and I tend not to do too much ‘ editing ‘ afterwards .

A Harbour in Greenland

This is a great idea – Virtual Sketch on Facebook. You can do this in real time ( or afterwards) and go on a virtual trip to various locations in Greenland , pause the sequence and sketch . This is quick watercolour sketch of Sisimut harbour. I enjoyed sketching it ( 30 minutes ) and, for a moment or two I felt like I was really there ! If you check this out , there are lots of interesting places around the world to choose from .

Urban Sketching in a Brewery

At the Brewery

You might remember that this was the last Urban Sketchers trip I went on , to a brewery in Saltaire. I was really into my stride with this one back in February. I feel quite out of practice now. You might like to have a look at this post from February all about the Saltaire trip and my pen and wash sketch . http://margarethallfineart.com/urban-sketching-watercolour-abstract/

Saint Mary’s Church

I did this pen drawing through the art gallery window, looking down at the lovely church and churchyard right in the middle of town . I drew this straight in with a marker pen which gives it a fresh and lively look but doesn’t leave much room for error .

Sketching in Pen on a Collage Background

Art in the Cafe

And , to finish off with , a pen and ink sketch done last year while drinking a cup of coffee in a shopping centre cafe . Those were the days ! Something for us all to look forward to in these days of Social Distancing . Meanwhile , take care .

p.s – here is one I did this morning as part of a lovely walk around the park. 20 minutes. I think I might use it as a basis for an acrylic painting, concentrating on the different layers of greens , yellows and browns. There’s no time to be bored when you’re an artist !

A beautiful old tree

Lockdown Art – Art Journal Page

Watercolour and Mixed Media Painting of a Bird in Flight

Free as a Bird

This watercolour sketch started off as a response to a challenge for an art group I belong to – ‘ Bird in Flight ‘ and then it changed into a journal page , expressing some of my feelings about being in lockdown . I used pen , pencil , collage and oil pastel. I always knew art was my therapy ! Does anyone else feel as strongly as I do about benefiting so much from creating art when times are hard ?

Shine a light – Acrylic Painting

Bright Lights – Barnsley Town Hall at Christmas 2019

A bright , bold acrylic painting on canvas of Barnsley Town Hall at night,  illuminated by blue , red and pink light  with War Memorial and a blue and silver Christmas tree
Bright Nights – Barnsley Town Hall . Acrylic on canvas 24×24 in £80 plus shipping

At last , I’ve managed to paint my acrylic painting of one of the fabulous light installations we enjoyed in our town at Christmas. This one lit up the iconic building by illuminating all the windows , sometimes red , sometimes pink and , at the same time washing the stonework over with shades of blue . It was very inspiring and moving – showing the War Memorial silhouetted in black against the bright colours and also , during the sequence , drenched in blood red . There’s a full account , plus the photos I used for inspiration in my blogpost http://margarethallfineart.com/575-2 back in December 2019 . Ever since then , I was longing to paint the scene and the lockdown has , ironically , given me the opportunity. However , I know I haven’t finished with this idea yet and I’d like to try at least one abstract painting .

Harbour Lights – Reflections on the Sea

A harbour scene at night - semi-abstract acrylic painting with the town buildings and bridge reflected in the water . A riot of electric blue  , vibrant red and yellow.  A World of Colour!
Harbour Lights Acrylic on paper Framed

This acrylic painting is a completely different interpretation of the idea of electric light dominating the scene – in this case a harbour scene . It was inspired by a photo , which I altered a great deal as I became engrossed in the abstract shapes of the buildings and the reflections of the light on the water . I also managed to indulge my love of bright blues , red and yellow . Any excuse to show my World of Colour ! It’s a good job we can all go virtually travelling like this , in this time of lockdown . Stay safe .

You can see this painting in my Exhibitions page – it was on show in the Art Cafe http://margarethallfineart.com/services/

Distortion – Acrylic Painting

Acrylic Painting with Colour Abstraction


I’ve finished my little acrylic painting at last. Despite all this extra isolation free time , I still haven’t done much art . Well, I have actually been finishing off another large canvas – so that’s my excuse. And I’ve also started an art journal ( more for art therapy than anything else) .

This was an exercise we did a couple of weeks ago at Art Group – all look at the same copyright free photo and produce your own version . At art class we were encouraged to make as many changes as we wanted to or to add anything to it . So I changed some details such as omitting the bench and moving the cliff .Then I tried changing all the colours , which was surprisingly difficult , if you wanted to make it look harmonious . ( I think this is called colour abstraction ) . I also found patterns in the leaves, rocks and waves and exaggerated them , which I am more used to doing in my semi-abstract style . I have been told that it now resembles a sci- fi landscape ! It was quite enjoyable to do , if you like a little challenge

What changes would you make?

Exhibition – Cancelled

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight – Acrylic painting

The Green Knight

The Green Knight, waiting at the doorway of his church for Sir Gawain

We had to cancel the launch of our latest exhibition this week due to the present situation, but the artwork is on the walls of our pop-up gallery , all ready for the time when we can safely open it to friends , family and the general public .

I belong to the Northern Fringe group of artists and this latest show is all about Yorkshire Makers inspired by Yorkshire Writers. I chose Simon Armitage who reworked a medieval poem about the Knights of the Round Table into a superb piece of his own in modern English. It was so easy to picture the scene : the Green Knight is waiting for Sir Gawain to continue the fight . I’ll not give away the ending , you’ll have to read it yourself !

As you might have heard me say before , I love painting story pictures and it’s really good to take up challenges from groups I belong to for fresh inspiration . For example, last year I responded to an artist’s call-out on the theme of ‘ Iconic ‘ and I came up with this semi-abstracted view of a ring of standing stones in the Lake District , England

Still Standing

Happily, this one was on display last year so I can’t really complain

Stay well .

Purple Flowers in Acrylic

Acrylic on Canvas

Purple Flowers

I just finished the fourth in my flower paintings in acrylic on small canvases – so I can’t call it a triptych anymore ! I always find such a lot of inspiration in flowers . This is some kind of ornamental thistle , I think . Anyway , I’ve just bought three 8 by 8 inch canvases so I can paint some more . Happy Days !

See ” Floral Art – a Triptych ” posted on February 1st , 2020 .

Tales of the Silk Road – an Exhibition

Tales of the Silk Road – An Exhibition Review

I went to see a great exhibition at the Millennium Gallery, Sheffield a couple of weeks ago : Nomadic tales by Richard Bartle .

We were so delighted to be able to walk round with Richard himself as he told us the fascinating stories behind his huge paintings on canvas material , just like banners . Richard took inspiration from the medieval illustrations of a 14th century artist and storyteller Siyah Kalem who used the motifs of men and demons to comment on the everyday life of the nomadic tribes who lived on and around the Silk Road in Asia .

Richard lives part of the year in Istanbul , Turkey and he has put his own interpretation of the life and political turmoil of the area into his story pictures .

Its a really inspiring exhibition – try and catch it if you are in the area .

I do enjoy painting narrative pictures myself and , funnily enough , I painted the story of how the secret of making silk was smuggled out of China by a Chinese princess . She hid the silkworms and cocoons in her huge headdress , according to the legend . ( See more Story Pictures in my Gallery )

My Story Pictures

A Chinese princess in medieval dress showing us the silkworm she has smuggled out of the country . She's standing on the Silk Road .
The Silk Princess – Acrylic on Canvas

This is a romantic version of history , of course . But I am also drawn to putting social comment into my pictures , particularly highlighting the problems of women in our modern world .

The Caged Bird

This one ‘ Caged Bird ‘ was painted for the exhibition ‘Vote 100 – a Century of Change ‘ for the Cooper Gallery ,Barnsley http://www.cooper-gallery.com last year all about the suffragettes and their struggles to get the vote .

Woman at the Window

In this painting , ‘ Woman at the Window ‘ , I explored the idea of the restricted lives that some women lead . I followed this theme over quite a few paintings and sort of brought it to a conclusion with this last one ‘ Women in Chaos ‘ in which I tried to show someone trying to deal with all the pressures and problems modern life can throw at us .

Woman in Chaos

Perhaps this is pretty heavy stuff – I suppose it is . But I like all kinds of art – including the kind that really makes you think

Urban Sketching – Watercolour Abstract

Pen and Watercolour with Urban Sketchers Yorkshire

Watercolour sketch with pen all in yellow mauve and brown showing huge vats in a brewery . Semi abstract style

This is just a quick post – I wanted to share with you a watercolour sketch I did this weekend . I spent the day with Urban Sketchers Yorkshire. We went to the fabulous Salts Mill ,at Saltaire near Bradford , a World Heritage site. But , first of all , we spent the morning in a craft brewery , looking down on the factory from a balcony.

Well, I did my usual pen sketch and I realised how many gorgeous patterns there were in the view . So , when adding watercolour , I started to emphasize and exaggerate the abstract shapes. At the moment , I’m concentrating on abstract composition in my acrylic painting so I’m a bit obsessed ! But this is the first time I’ve actually put one together while ‘ one the spot ‘ so to speak. This could be addictive !

I used some of the new techniques I’ve learned – putting more contrast in the design and trying to harmonize the colours.

I’ll post something a bit longer soon , when I’ve a bit more time, all about a great exhibition I saw in Sheffield .

How to Paint an Abstract in Acrylic

Acrylic Abstract Painting – Step by Step

Acrylic abstract painting with 
swirling shapes in red , orange and purple with touches of black and white
Red , Orange and Purple Composition

This is my latest acrylic abstract painting. I followed a suggestion online to play with these three colours plus black and white and , literally , just see what happened. I did find this brief quite inspiring – choosing the colours had already been done for me . So if I could ‘ let go ‘ , I thought it might be relaxing, as opposed to the hard thinking and research that goes into , for example , one of my Story Pictures.

A tribute to Hokusai's Great Wave set on a local reservoir in a traditional landscape painting
Great Wave on Worsbrough Reservoir

Anyway, I usually work in this ‘ portrait ‘ format and I didn’t realise how used I was to creating a rectangular composition until a friend of mine gave me some lovely square canvases. So , that was a challenge I set myself and this was the first version.

First version of Red , Orange and Purple,  with lots of white , showing the artistic process
Version Number One

I was pleased with the movement but I realised that the ‘white ‘ shapes were not working so – on to the next version.

A very busy,  complicated development of this restricted palette acrylic abstract 
Version 2

So next day, I worked on the painting some more and took away a lot of the white. But meanwhile , I had been far too busy and I had added so many ‘ interesting ‘ little sections . They were cute in their own way , but all together , it was too much and just confused the eye. So, they had to go – it was quite a painful experience to paint them out . I think this is why some artists find it difficult to judge when an abstract is finished . I certainly do . What do you think ? Is it finished ?

On the Wall

Well , that way of creating an intuitive abstract seems to me completely different to the way I put this next one together

Shocking Pink spiral shape on a royal blue background with accents of  bright green
The Spiral

Believe it or not , this composition came to me as a finished design in my imagination. This hardly ever happens for me – so it was just a question of trying to put it down on paper ( or canvas in this case )

Well, that’s enough waffling from me.

How do you paint your abstracts ?

Flower Paintings – a Triptych in Acrylic

Three Flower Paintings on Small Canvas – a Triptych

Three Flowers – a Triptych

What’s a triptych ? Basically , it’s a group of three paintings shown together and sharing aspects of subject matter , colour or style – or all three ! Originally, I think it described three paintings usually above or on the altar in churches. It’s a really popular way of presenting artwork at the moment in galleries and some artists are very creative in the way the pieces are linked together .

Anyway , this is my version of a triptych disguised as floral art. I had to come up with something for an art group I belong to and I was a bit stuck. Then I remembered that I had decided to paint a series of flowers in acrylic on small canvases a while ago , but life got in the way and I had only completed two .

Oriental Poppy

So I decided to paint one more – for the art group theme , a triptych of flowers.

Easy ! One triptych delivered .

More of my flower paintings

I must just mention that I have entered ‘Bluebells’ ( and two other paintings) for an open call for an exhibition .Bluebells was accepted ( hurray ! ) and to my delight, chosen for the publicity image – two reasons to be cheerful, I think !

A sea of  bluebells in a wood with the sunlight streaming through , a traditional landscape painting
Bluebells in Silkstone Woods

I do love painting flowers – there’s loads more in my Gallery – ‘Still Life and Flowers’

Flowers and foliage in a vase - impressionist flower painting.
A Bunch from the Allotment

So, to finish up with, here’s my favourite – going to a new home when my solo exhibition finishes today.

There is all kinds of floral art – on canvas, on paper , in vases , in a landscape , as a triptych or stand alone . I wonder which kind you like best ? Or , do you like them all , like me .

A tree in full creamy white blossom in the  Welsh hills , a springtime landscape painting.
Spring Blossom in Wales

Mythical Creatures – including Dragons !

Dragons , Monsters and Angels – a Ceramics Exhibition Review

Dragons , Monsters and Angels

William de Morgan plate in blue and white with Medieval dragon motif .
De Morgan dragon plate

We went a couple of times to our local stately home Cannon Hall http://www.cannon-hall.com to look at the “Mythical Creatures” display, taken from their famous ceramics collection.

The Blue Vase with Green Dragon
The Red Dragon

It was really very impressive and I felt quite inspired by the fascinating dragon vase and the plate upstairs in the gallery produced by the famous Victorian designer William de Morgan who married Evelyn , whose family lived in Cannon Hall. ( She is , of course a famous artist in her own right ). This particularly caught my eye as it was a medieval depiction of a dragon, looking like a huge worm or serpent, with no wings. So I painted my own version, first in watercolour [ see above] and then acrylic.

Acrylic painting of a green dragon with no wings surrounded by flames , in a mountain landscape.
The Green Dragon

I modelled my acrylic painting on this style of imaginary beast – it still took me a while to figure out how to make the body look realistic without the wings.

Pencil drawing of the head and shoulders of a ceramic statuette of the  Greek God Pan
Pan , the Greek God

I had a great time sketching the ceramic bust of the Greek god Pan that was also displayed upstairs. The porcelain piece was very delicately coloured – the flesh was quite convincing ! I enjoyed the challenge of drawing his crown of leaves, pointed ears and horns.

Greek style  plate in orange and black with angels
Greek style plate with angels
Black and orange bowl with sphinx motif
Sphinx Bowl

Back downstairs, you could see all the mythical creatures you could think of – and a few you never would have thought of – fairies, gods, dragons, angels, unicorns, sphinxes and other strange hybrids of human and animal origin. I was even inspired to paint my own angel this Christmas. To see more angels, look at my December post ‘Nearly Christmas ‘

An Angel for Christmas
Salt Cellar

This is a real treasure house of plates, sculpture, vases and tableware. I’m looking forward to the next display that the curators will, no doubt, put together.

A beautifully illustrated page from an old journal with illustrations of imaginary creatures
Imaginary Beasts at Cannon Hall

The image above with the imaginary beasts is from a sketchbook kept by one of the residents of Cannon Hall in the past.

There was loads of inspiration for creative work, if only I had the time !

Sunshiny Days – Colourful Paintings

A Colourful Mediterranean Coastal Scene in Watercolour

Colourful watercolour sketch of a harbour and a castle on the  Mediterranean coast .
The Med

This is my latest – a fairly quick watercolour sketch of a harbour scene. I was so fed up of all the dark , damp days we were having that I chose something light and sunny to paint. It really worked ! My mood lifted straight away and , as an added bonus, everyone else who looked at it cheered up too . I don’t know about you , but what I work on always affects my emotions. Art Therapy, anyone ?

An orange and blue abstract composition.
Sunshiny Day

This acrylic painting is another one I painted to brighten up dark November days . But this was put together in a completely different way from the harbour scene which is carefully detailed . Sunshiny Day was painted quite instinctively – I really had no idea before I started and it evolved gradually. It was a surprise to me , but I liked it ! I must say , I don’t often produce work this way – but I feel a series coming on. Are there any more Abstract Expressionists out there? ( I added the words afterwards to make it into a poster for my current exhibition – see previous post for details. )

You can find this abstract painting with a few more in my gallery , just click on Gallery for the drop down menu to select the Abstract section .

My First Solo Exhibition of Acrylic Paintings

A Walk Round My First Solo Exhibition of Acrylic Paintings

A semi-abstract acrylic painting in red and green showing apples falling from the tree at harvest time.
Apples Falling
A photo of plates of biscuits and delicious homemade cakes
The Refreshments

Well – we had a blast at the opening of my exhibition this morning at Skelmanthorpe Library Gallery.

Hanging the Exhibition

Labelling the Paintings
The curator hanging up my exhibition in gallery style
Gallery style hanging

It didn’t take us too long to put the exhibition up yesterday – we were well organised and Mike Roberts[ organiser and curator] was pretty nifty up and down the ladders.

Update – Spring Blossom in Wales – SOLD !

Spring Blossom in Wales
Elephant Festival

The Abstract Paintings

The Spiral

I was thrilled to be invited by Mike to exhibit at this fabulous gallery for the month of January. At last – an exhibition all to myself ! I was also really pleased because Mike had seen my paintings on this new website – so , quick result ! This gallery is a new idea for the Community Library and it is really well worth supporting. The library is closed on Tuesday, Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

Reggae Reggae

A big thank you to all my family and friends for their support this morning. It really means a lot. It was great showing off my work to you all.

2 acrylic paintings from the Landscape section - Still Standing  and Ladybower Reservoir
Boat People and Hadrian’s Wall
Ladybower Reservoir

The exhibition is open till February 1st.

These are all original artworks , painted in acrylic on paper or canvas, with the occasional watercolour and mixed media piece. They are all for sale, with prices ranging from £30 – £150 . Please contact me if you are interested. I’m based in the UK.

Have a look in my gallery to see more of my acrylic paintings. There’s also a more in-depth report on my exhibition in the Exhibition section on the main menu .

The Exhibition Poster

Margaret Hall World of Colour exhibition poster
A World of Colour

Christmas Paintings in Acrylic on Canvas

Ideas for Christmas Artwork

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Small box canvases painted in acrylic- Robin,  Christmas tree  and  snow covered village scenes.
The box canvas Christmas decorations

I love this time of year but the downside is not having enough time to paint as well as get the house Christmas ready, buy and wrap the pressies, decorate the tree and so on.

So it’s a good idea to : 1] Paint pictures and Christmas card designs the year before and then have them printed in time to send this year.

A watercolour painting of a boy dragging home this year's Christmas tree in the forest. A forest landscape.
This year’s tree

And the second strategy is to recycle artwork from previous years, dust them off and arrange them somewhere different in the house.

Mother and child walking through the snow  to the  Christmas service at church
Going to Church

Last year, I took part in the Angel Festival of Hoylandswaine church with my art group. The church looked brilliant – full of beautiful angels.

A traditional angel  walking down the path from Heaven to Earth .
Angel of Peace

I got so enthused this year that I arranged an angel painting evening at Barnsley and District Art Society. It was great fun. See more angels in my January post ‘ Warning – Mythical Creatures About ‘

Angel in a golden robe

And I did it all before the festive season to cut down on creative stress.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Bright Nights – Light Installation

Christmas Light Show at Barnsley Town Hall 2019

Barnsley Town Hall at night with red, purple and blue light installation
Moody Blue and Purple
*The silhouette of the  Unknown Soldier against the red and blue light installation.
The Unknown Soldier

I went to Barnsley Bright Nights Festival at the weekend. It was very spectacular – there were lots of installations around the Town Hall area. Barnsley Town Hall itself was used for a stunning laser light display, focusing on the windows in this splendid building. My photos don’t really capture the beauty of the changing colours but, even so, they gave me some inspiration for Abstract Art compositions. The two photos above made me want to create a painting based on the idea of extra bright blocks of colour against a jet black background. ( Keep an eye on the Abstract section of my Gallery – you never know what might turn up ! )

The Unknown Soldier against the blood red light
Blood Red
The tower of the Town Hall in silver and the Christmas tree in blue - a really Bright Night !
Silver, Red and Blue

The floodlighting of the building in a deep red was particularly effective. The idea of blood dripping down over the scene was quite moving. Especially so as the First World War monument, showing the Unknown Soldier on a tall plinth, was silhouetted against the red.

I think I might combine some of the elements of both of the photos above into one painting. So many ideas, so little time !

A photo of the Earth  in the  Gaia installation at Barnsley  college  , taken from the  balcony above it
The Beautiful World

The Gaia installation in the Barnsley College was ‘out of this world ‘ if you know what I mean. It was suspended in space from the top of the huge atrium. As we walked up the winding staircase, we could see it from all angles. And if that doesn’t convince people of the urgency of our situation, I don’t know what would.

But quite apart from climate change worries, the beautiful globe of green, blue and quite a lot of brown ( taken from NASA photos ) set me thinking about swirling shapes, wispy clouds and the Deep Blue. Quite a lot of inspiration for one day.

Art Cafe in Rotherham – Acrylic Paintings

My Acrylic Paintings in a Cafe Art Exhibition

A photo of my oil pastel painting Apples and Fantasy Apples  showing bright red apples in the art cafe .
Apples and Fantasy Apples
My acrylic painting  Harbour Lights  on the wall in the art cafe.A coastal landscape
Harbour Lights

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going. Stay tuned for more.

When I was in Rotherham for a meeting on Friday, I popped into a lovely cafe “Fitzwilliam and Hughes” to have a look at 2 of my paintings that they have very kindly displayed – one right next to the counter! The cafe is close to the impressive Minster and you get really good views of it through the large windows.

A photo of the arched doorway of Rotherham Minster  - great artists' inspiration.
Rotherham Minster
A photo of the art cafe doorway  in Art Nouveau style
The Art Cafe

The Floods in South Yorkshire 2019

After enjoying good coffee and seriously good brownies, we walked back to the car parked next to the mighty River Don, which has thankfully now gone down after last week’s floods. But it still seems to be flowing at a slightly alarming rate.

A photo of the River Don in full flow after the floods,  taken in the town centre
The Mighty River Don
A photo of counter, the till and my  painting of apples in the  cafe
Art Cafe

There was lots of lovely artwork on the walls in the café, so I felt very pleased to be included in their current exhibition. You can see these 2 paintings along with others in my Gallery

There’s loads more of my acrylic paintings on show now in Skelmanthorpe Library Gallery – have a look at the ‘ My First Solo Exhibition ‘ post in January 2020.

Apples – in oil pastel
Harbour Lights – in acrylic