A flower design – Mixed Media

Colourful Flower Painting in Watercolour and Collage

Six large colourful flowers floating in  a blue sky painted in watercolour, oil pastel and pen .
Bursting with Colour

I was quite pleased with this mixed media piece that I did in my art journal – I used pen ,watercolour , oil pastel, pencil and collage. It was inspired by the beauty of the Spring flowers and colours I could see all around me . I also tried to pay attention to the shape of the design too – a first for me .It cheers me up when I look at it . I hope you like it too !

You’ll find more colourful paintings of flowers in my Gallery ( Still Life and Flowers) http://margarethallfineart.com/still-life-and-flowers

9 Replies to “A flower design – Mixed Media”

  1. The shapes are intriguing, like a bobbing smiling dance of very happy folks ❤️ The background amorphous shapes between the flowers are themselves really interesting too, probably why the whole painting works so well, Margaret! Smile

    1. ‘ Bobbing smiling dance ‘ – I like that ! I am very interested in the negative space, as you have noticed .Thank you !

    1. Thank you so much ! I love using bright colours – there’s definitely a feel – good factor in using them , both for the artist and the ‘ viewer ‘ .

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