A Trip to Saltaire

Mixed Media Abstract Composition

Mixed Media Abstract composition in pink,  purple , ochre with black  and  white .Organic shapes with a face and some vague bird like shapes
Mixed Media Abstract Composition – Bird man by Margaret Hall

This is my latest mixed media experiment an abstract composition using collage, acrylic , watercolour and oil pastel . There’s even some marker and pencil in there – although the pencil might be a mistake as it is too shiny, Do you happen to know how how to apply a few sharp , precise marks over mixed media layers without using pencil ? I’d love to know . Anyway, I don’t really know what I’ve painted here – it was quite instinctive but I think it has something to do with wanting to escape from the anxiety and threat of this virus ! And it’s painted on brown paper ( more of that later ) .

Drawing on Toned Paper

The toned paper in this case is a rather nice brown paper. I have admired other sketching friends’ drawings on brown paper sketchpads so I bought one . However, I don’t really like the effect of acrylic paint on this paper . Perhaps it was the colours I chose , but they don’t seem to have the sparkle that I like when I use white paper.

Pencil drawings on  brown  paper.  Patterns observed on objects in Salt's Mill museum
Patterns seen at the Museum

Now for the interesting part – I bought this sketchpad at the David Hockney gallery at Saltaire when I took part in an Urban Sketchers crawl back in February. You may remember , we spent the morning in a small brewery/pub and I sketched the brewing equipment in mixed media ( pen , pencil and watercolour ) . See my blog post https://margarethallfineart.com/urban-sketching-watercolour-abstract/

Watercolour and pen sketch of vats at a small brewery
The Brewery – Urban Sketching

It was great fun – perhaps one day soon urbansketchers will be able to meet up again .

David Hockney exhibition at Saltaire World Heritage Site, Shipley , near Bradford , UK

A view from the gallery window across to the allotments and the model village

This is actually a complex of woollen mill buildings established by Titus Salt along with the model village he built for his workers in the 1850’s . The village included neat, tidy terraced cottages , a church and a Sunday school , allotments , a school , a park and much more alongside the river Aire . It’s quite fascinating, so go and have a look if you get the chance .

The downstairs floor of Salt’s Mill shows an exhibition of earlier Hockney artwork and houses the art shop where I bought the toned paper sketchpad . Upstairs there’s a museum room about the history of the factory . But the star of the show is the David Hockney Gallery displaying some recent work from the Spring exhibition of locations in East Yorkshire , where the artist used to live . Enough said , just have a look at the fabulous pictures !

The Coming of Spring in Yorkshire – 2011

By David Hockney
By David Hockney
By David Hockney
By David Hockney

The first time we visited the gallery thirty years ago we were lucky enough to see some of the sections of a larger drawing that David was , at that very moment , sending by fax across from California ! The very large drawing, re-assembled from pieces of copy paper is displayed on the wall . I love the way he always enjoys using the latest technology to create his work .

These ‘paintings ‘ are all actually prints of iPad drawings and I think they are absolutely stunning ! I hope that you have enjoyed my little exhibition review .

By David Hockney

4 Replies to “A Trip to Saltaire”

  1. As for sharp marks – have you tried printing with acrylic on the edge of card? You can also get very fine lines by running a square brush alongside the wet acrylic and extending the line to a very fine line and then wiping out any bits you dont like.
    Also acrylic in a lining pen – but you do need a fairly fluid mix to get it to flow.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, Graham . I think I need to practise a bit with the card method, I’m not very accurate with it . But I’ll definitely try the square brush idea .

  3. Ooh, I really like the shades and tones in your mixed media piece, very attractive! I was not familiar with David Hockney’s work, very bright, I like it!

    1. Thanks very much ,Tiffany. I’m glad that you like David Hockney. He’s an artist who keeps on changing and developing – that’s one of the reasons why I like him .

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