Acrylic Painting of a Spring Garden

Art inspired by my Spring Garden

Having a Breather – acrylic on paper 16 by 12 inches , unframed £50 plus shipping

I am always inspired by the beauty of plants and flowers in my garden . This acrylic painting in the naive style is an idealized view of my allotment , just as dusk is falling . I’m having a cuppa after a hard day’s work ,watching the last rays of the sun over the pond .

The Crabapple Tree – watercolour on paper 10 inch square – a page in my Lockdown art journal

However , during Lockdown this year , I , like a lot of other people, was confined to my house and our small back garden received a lot more attention than usual ! I painted this watercolour sketch (Crabapple) outside , sitting on my tiny patio in March this year. I enjoyed just being outside in my Spring garden on a fine afternoon .The tree was just beginning to show its bright green , frilly leaves .This tree provides us with enough apples to make three or four jars of Apple Jelly each year- delicious with pork chops . The sketch was completed in forty minutes urban sketching style !

Spring Flowers

Spring flowers – watercolour on paper – a page in my art journal

I observed the Spring flowers quite closely – these were in the window box outside my living room window,. The colours of the flowers in this watercolor sketch really glowed – especially the contrast between the complimentary colours purple and yellow . Again , this was a very quick sketch , done as I stood in front of the window , looking down at the windowbox through the glass !

Abstract Composition

A swirling abstract composition in yellow purple and green , heavily textured in watercolor , acrylic , collaged paper and oil pastel
Abstract Flowers Mixed Media on Paper – a page in my art journal

Straight after painting ‘Spring Flowers ‘ I felt inspired to do a mixed media abstract composition of the colours and shapes of the flowers and leaves. I layered on collage , pencil and oil pastel to create that textured effect .

My Spring garden - looking down over the small lawn to the crabapple tree . The delicate , pink blossom is just beginning to show .
The Vegetable Plot – pencil drawing

And , finally, when I was working yesterday at the allotment garden , I found five minutes in a coffee break to do a quick pencil drawing of the brassica plants in front of me as I sat in the shade .Two different kinds of cabbage and a Brussel sprout plant ( the broccoli plants are not ready to go in yet )

My gardens give me endless inspiration !

Affordable Art

All of my original artwork is for sale – just go to the Contact page and send me a message . If you like what you see , on this post or in the Gallery or Portfolio section , if you want to treat yourself or buy a gift for a loved one , ask for more details – all my paintings are reasonably priced.

6 Replies to “Acrylic Painting of a Spring Garden”

  1. I like the rhythm of the abstract flowers. The detailed flower grabs your attention. I’ve been eating my broccoli these last few weekends – getting some secondary florets on the harvested ones.

    1. Thank you , Graham .I like the abstract one too .It’s in my lockdown art journal. We grow broccoli to be ready next spring – last year’s crop failed , so I’m looking forward to it .

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