Flowers in a Loose Watercolour Style

Flowers in Watercolour

A painting of a bunch of flowers ina loose watercolour style  - purple  , pink  and golden yellow
A Bunch from the Garden

This is a watercolour painting of a bunch of flowers that I quickly gathered from the allotment . It’s painted in a loose watercolour style and I can’t really call it a sketch – I spent about an hour and a half on it. It’s in my Lockdown art journal where I can be a bit freer and experiment ( play , really) .

I tried to use more water in the paint and let it flow around . I like using a technique called ‘ wet-in -wet ‘ when you load up your brush with fairly runny watercolour paint and paint it on top or right next to wet paint and then watch what happens ! Sometimes the effects are quite pleasing . Then I exaggerated and worked into the bits that looked effective. I’m not so experienced with this medium but working in an art journal gives you the freedom to try things out , without worrying about ‘ spoiling anything ‘ .

Watercolour Detail 1

There’s Sweet Williams , euphorbia and verbena in there plus a ferny sort of plant with delicate heads of pale yellow flowers.

Watercolour Detail 2

At least now I have more time to paint when I feel inspired – instead of putting it on a to-do list !

Flowers in a loose watercolour style  - yellow and purple areas of colour with some close up detail
Flowers in Watercolour – painted in a loose watercolour style

This is watercolour on paper, a page in my art journal , about 10 inches square. If you want to know more , email me using the form on the Contact page . All my work is for sale at reasonable prices.

4 Replies to “Flowers in a Loose Watercolour Style”

    1. Thanks very much, Tiffany. I think it was a real help to have the flowers right in front of me – I’m a great believer in painting from life – whenever possible .

    1. Thank you very much , Inese . I really did enjoy myself and got ‘lost ‘ in this painting, which has got to be good for your state of mind .

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