Welcome to my abstracts ! So , there’s all sorts here . For instance, intuitive abstracts , more planned compositions and semi abstracts. And different media too . For example, acrylic, watercolour and collage. I hope you like my abstract paintings.

Family – acrylic on paper 16 by20 inches
Flash – acrylic on paper 16 by 20 inches
Breakthrough – acrylic on paper 16 by 20 inches
Stained Glass – mixed media on paper
Raindrops – watercolour on paper
Free Spirit – acrylic on box canvas 24 by 24 inches
Reggae Reggae – acrylic on paper
Red and Black – mixed media on paper. 16 by 12 inch £40 including shipping
Shades of Blue – acrylic on paper , unframed
Sunshiny Day – acrylic on canvas board, unframed, £100 plus postage and packing
Spiral – acrylic on box canvas
After the Thaw – acrylic on paper, unframed.
Silver Surfer – acrylic on paper, unframed.
Woman Sleeping
Over the Hill
The Cave and the Lake
The View through the Glasshouse Window
The Garden of Eden
Hell on Earth
Windowbox Flowers
Family ( Watercolour )
Sinking ?
The Forest – mixed media on paper
Backdrop – mixed media on paper

To see more of my abstracts and original artwork , especially my ‘lockdown art , have a look at my blog here