Story Pictures and Social Issues

The Green Knight – acrylic on paper
Free Spirit – acrylic on box canvas 24 by 24 inches
Coffee and Cake – acrylic on paper unframed
Having a Breather – acrylic on paper unframed
Family – acrylic on box canvas 24 by24 inches
Light at the End of the Tunnel – acrylic on box frame 24 by 24 inches
Hell on Earth – acrylic on box frame 24 by 24 inches
Reggae, Reggae – acrylic on paper framed
After the Thaw – acrylic on paper , unframed.
Still Standing – acrylic on paper , framed
Great Wave on Worsbrough Reservoir , acrylic on paper , framed.
Woman at the Window – acrylic on canvas board, unframed.
The Boy in the Wood – acrylic on paper, framed.
The Flood – acrylic on paper, framed
Woman in Chaos – mixed media on paper, framed.
The Silk Princess – acrylic on paper, framed
Apples and Fantasy Apples – acrylic on paper, framed.
Spinning Jenny – acrylic on box canvas, framed.
Laking out – acrylic on paper, unframed.
No Entry – acrylic on box frame , framed.
Walking in the Snow
The Elephant Festival
The Caged Bird
Sunday Best
Barnsley Town Hall illuminated by a light show at Christmas 2020 , showing a decorated Christmas tree , the War Memorial and the beautiful pink and red  windows
Bright Nights
Coffee and Cake
Lockdown Art

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