Morning Down by the River
The Corpse Bride
Fetching Water
The Boy and the Bird – acrylic on paper
The Light at the End of the Tunnel – acrylic on box canvas 24 by 24 inches
The Tree – watercolour on paper . Available as cards
The Silk Princess – acrylic on box canvas
Spinning Jenny
The Woman at the Window- acrylic on canvas board, unframed,
Woman Sleeping – acrylic on paper, unframed.
Woman in Chaos – mixed media, framed.
Blue Lady – Homage to Matisse , oil pastel on paper unframed.
Grass Fire – acrylic on paper, framed.
Rainbow Figure – ink and watercolour, unframed.
Sharp Edges – pen and watercolour, unframed.
Rest in Peace
Looking In , Looking Out
Coffee and Cake
Having a Breather
The Big Rockery

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