Gallery – Landscapes

Have a look at the paintings in my Gallery – Landscapes . If you like views of the countryside , you’ll find a nice selection here : moorland , in the woods , mountains and a few seascapes. And then , don’t forget to look at the other sections of the Gallery – Still Life, Story Pictures, Abstract,People , using the Gallery drop down menu at the top of the page .

A World of Colour – Gallery – Landscapes

Tribute to Monet
The Quiet Stream
The Red Path
Snow on the Fields
Flash – acrylic on paper 16 by 20inches unframed .
Light at the end of the Tunnel – acrylic on box frame 24 by 24 inches
Hell on Earth – acrylic on box frame 24 by 24 inches
A reservoir on the moors in blue , green , and gold in my Gallery  - Landscapes.  Impression  style .
Ladybower Reservoir – acrylic on paper , framed . £130 + postage and packing.
The Boy and the Bird – acrylic on paper , framed. £130 + postage and packing.
Hadrian’s Wall – acrylic on paper, framed
The Valley – acrylic on paper, framed.
Scarbrough in the Mist – acrylic on paper, framed.
Harbour Lights – acrylic on paper, framed.
A gentle , rolling summer landscape with a cornfield in the foreground.  In my Gallery  - Landscapes
A Hot Afternoon – acrylic on paper, unframed.
The Mountains – acrylic on paper, unframed.
A Big Back Garden – acrylic on paper, framed.
Behind the Flats – watercolour on paper, framed.
The Fish Pond acrylic on paper , unframed.
Still Standing – acrylic on paper, framed. £130 + postage and packing
After the Thaw – acrylic on paper, unframed £100 + postage and packing
Mount Fuji – acrylic on paper, unframed.
A view across the bay , rocks , sand and cliffs.  In my Gallery- Landscapes .
The Bay
Making Waves
A dramatic seascape from the burnt orange  beach ,  looking out over the purple sea . A tree with pink leaves and a dark red sun in a bright yellow sky .An acrylic painting with colour abstraction
Sci-fi Landscape

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