Inktober Project Finished at Last

Good morning everyone. Well, I finished this Inktober project at last! Actually, I’m very pleased that I made it to the end, because that’s the first time ever. And it’s only because I decided to make the sketches just that, quick sketches. Only five or ten minutes (some even less!) in contrast to a lot of the work I saw online. In fact, lots of people did absolutely beautiful finished drawings, and there was plenty of creativity too.


Anyway, back to my Inktober project – this first image was in response to the prompt Collide. And I immediately thought of stars colliding. So I looked at some astronomy photos online and used them as a starting point. Then my imagination took over! The ink was very easy to push around and layer up to get the effects I wanted.

After that, I simply drew my phone charger for the prompt Connect. Next, the prompt Helmet sparked off a few ideas and I finally settled for this Viking helmet. In actual fact, this piece of armour was found in York, a city in Yorkshire, not far from where I live. It was originally a Viking stronghold and has lots of evidence of Roman activity too.

A decorative fan for my Inktober project

Of course, the prompt for this was Fan and I just had to draw this big red fan on the wall in my hall. But, I found it quite difficult to draw in only black or white. As you may know, I’m really fond of lots of bright colour, so, I must do a coloured version some time.

And, finally, the last image is my response to the prompt Risk. As I had been wading through paperwork to create a risk assessment document for our Art Society, it was very much on my mind!

Maybe you can tell that I enjoyed Inktober – you can see the rest of my sketches on my Instagram margarethallfineart. But, I’m glad it only comes around once year!

16 Replies to “Inktober Project Finished at Last”

  1. I’ve never really understood these exercises, apart from the fact that it might make you sketch daily and then you could continue the practice once the month is over. But you paint and draw regularly. I also paint and draw daily and I would find it interrupting my natural flow.
    But well done for completing the course – now play on…

    1. Thank you, Graham. Actually, I think I had been disconnected from drawing during the pandemic and this reminded me how useful and pleasurable it can be.

  2. These are so interesting, Margaret! I kept jumping from one to the other trying to decide which I liked best, but they’re all different and all their own; but do really like both the fan and the stack of books, the first so delicate & charming, the latter so “precarious” – your details are amazing! 😊

    1. Thank you so much, Felipe. The papers were piled up on the table in front of me as I drew. So I didn’t need to invent anything!

    1. Thank you so much, Claudia. I think working quickly made me consider every mark carefully. And, drawing directly in ink concentrates the mind too!

  3. Good for you for doing this! I also participated in Inktober and will probably post about it next week 😊 I found the prompts challenging this year and there is so much to learn!

    1. Thank you so much! I shall enjoy looking at your sketches. I was pleased that I managed to be a bit creative with the prompts – this was a first for me.

  4. I was eagerly waiting to see your inktober post. Your thought on the prompt are really unique. Specially ‘collide’ and ‘risk’. One benefit to connect with a artist like you to learn how to think out of the box.
    In this Inktober project I have learned a lot from other artists, including you. I admire the way you use your time. You said you has not spent too much time on each sketching. I wish to do the same. I my life time constrain is a problem. I think I’ll try to do as you do, instead of spending too much time I’ll try to do something every day, may be small, may be messy but something for my own enjoyment.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and support, I really appreciate it. Actually, this is the first time I have done the whole challenge because I do find some of the prompts difficult. But, like you I have learnt a lot from other artists’ approaches. Perhaps you could give the quick sketching a try. I keep a sketch book right beside me and a pen and it’s surprising how quickly the book has filled up. If I give up the idea that everything has to be ‘finished’, there’s more fun!

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