A Pink and Yellow Abstract

Pink and Yellow

Good morning everyone. This is just a short post today, about pink and yellow! I’m a bit busy delivering and collecting paintings, now that galleries are working again. But, more of that later.

Actually, I think I’ve mentioned before that I sometimes paint a quick watercolour abstract. Usually when I’m pressed for time and I need to be creative. Well, I painted this pink and yellow effort in lovely calming and optimistic colours. This version is the original one turned around. So have a look at the original.

As you can see, in this intuitive abstract, I seem to have created a cartoonish figure with a large smiling face. And yet, turned around, I see a bowl of fruit, perhaps on a table near the window. Or, perhaps you see something different!

Now, I must go and take my paintings to our Northern Fringe Gallery in the Ridings centre in Wakefield. And here is another post about our lovely gallery.

6 Replies to “A Pink and Yellow Abstract”

  1. Amazing how different, almost unrelated, they look turned different ways! I love when I can just do an abstract like that, like you say, “when I’m pressed for time and I need to be creative” – so glad to see I’m not the only one sometimes desperate just to “do” something, lol!

    1. Yes, I was amazed when I turned it around . No, you’re not the only one who gets desperate to create – it’s not called art therapy for nothing!

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