Through the Window- Urban Sketching

A view over terraced houses with a glorious red, pink and orange sunrise - through the window. Felt tip pen.

Good morning everyone. Last week we had a really spectacular sunrise and this is my urban sketch, done through the window. Honestly, I think it was the most amazing sunrise sky I have ever seen. So, for quite a short period of time the red, gold and pink in the intense turquoise blue sky were glorious. What a beautiful planet we live on.

Actually I had just treated myself to a pack of cheap felt tip pens the day before. And I was very keen to try them out, especially as there were more colours in this selection. Normally I buy only the basics and try to blend them. But, having several shades of, for example, red, orange and yellow was much easier! And I used a very scribbly technique, similar to ones I’ve seen on Instagram.

Urban Sketching Postponed.

As you may know, I am a member of the Urban Sketchers Yorkshire but, obviously, our activities have been cut short by the pandemic. And I really miss the opportunity to go out into towns and cities with a group of art buddies. I seem to remember a lovely morning sketching on a high balcony above some market stalls. And the building itself is very interesting too – an ornate Victorian Market Hall in Leeds, UK. Left to my own devices I would always sketch in the countryside, as I did here in the country park . Therefore the urban sketchcrawls give me the encouragement to sketch buildings, churches, markets and streets.

Urban Sketching Through the Car Window

A quick watercolour sketch through the window of my car, parked in the supermarket carpark
Supermarket Carpark 2

As you can probably tell, I sketched this in watercolour (about 20 minutes) in a very cold car. Well, you can have a good laugh at the cars, if you like!. But, in my own defence, I always avoid drawing them. So I think it was a brave first attempt to have them so prominent in this drawing. By the way, the weather here in the UK is quite cold and, of course all cafes are closed. So, any urban sketching outdoors has to be very brief or through the window!

The Church through the Museum Window

St. Mary’s – a sketch from an Urban Sketchers Yorkshire trip 15 months ago.

11 Replies to “Through the Window- Urban Sketching”

  1. The red skies must be globe hopping ’cause we had one like it few days ago, way more than I’d ever seen before! So much fun seeing your various sketches, Margaret, esp admire your St Mary’s! 😊 I just joined Urban Sketchers here in Austin and they’re going out today to one of my fav spots but I already have a commitment to another place later this morning. But it’s thanks to you I even looked into joining here 😊

    1. Thank you, Felipe. I’m so pleased that you’re giving Austin sketchers a try. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

    1. I’m glad that it made you feel good for a little while. This is the power of art, both in the creating and in the appreciating ( if that doesn’t sound too serious!)

      1. No, it sounds exactly right. Sometimes I think people think the artwork result is the only thing that matters, but I think it is the feelings that go into making it, or viewing it, that really are the purpose. It’s not just for decor. Your picture also made me think of the saying that begins, Red sky at morning…so I then wondered if the day followed the prophecy and there was a storm…there is always a story!

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