Going Back to Cafe Sketching


Good morning everyone. At last, I managed to do a bit of cafe sketching, especially when in a well ventilated space, reasonably distanced from other customers. Actually, it’s probably also the first time I felt relaxed enough to do it. Anyway, we went to the Carding Shed cafe last week and I hid my sketchbook behind my bag and discreetly sketched a couple on the next table to us.

Pencil sketch

Unfortunately, I had left my tiny water bottle behind, so I couldn’t do a watercolour sketch and I had to make do with pencil only. Not my usual style. But, I completed this before they got up and went, so that was lucky.

The Couple at the Next Table

Honestly, this is something I rarely do, add colour afterwards at home. Because I much prefer sketching with the brush and splashing colour around on the scene as I drink my coffee! And, I feel that the resulting painting is more lively, even if it’s a a bit less accurate. However, I really enjoyed myself and I now look forward to doing more cafe sketching.

There are lots of paintings and drawings in my Gallery on the People section here.

Finally, I realised I had done lots of imaginary people sketches over the past year or so. No doubt missing company and lifedrawing classes, so I leave you with this latest one.


5 Replies to “Going Back to Cafe Sketching”

  1. Oh that must have felt wonderful, to be able to sit and sketch without covid anxiety. We are still in the thick of omicron here, although cases are down significantly from last week.

    1. Actually, it’s not that great,J. I only go to cafes in very large rooms or outdoor venues. It’s still quite a restricted life.

      1. I ventured out today, to visit my old art group, having heard it was not well attended. The room was already packed so I spent a few minutes chatting with a few folks and left. Even though we are still under indoor mask restrictions, I could not feel comfortable there yet.

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