Another Fine Day

Another Fine Day

Good morning everyone. I really enjoyed painting this landscape in gouache, Another Fine Day. And it was one more step in my journey in mastering this medium. Perhaps if I painted solid for a few weeks I could get more confidence in using gouache. But, because I adore using all sorts of media and paint all kinds of subjects, my progress will be slow. Actually, what do you think – is this a disadvantage or instead, is this a gift? Anyway, I posted this on our MeWe group and then started another one!

A close up

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  1. I feel that painting often with gouache is helpful. The medium has it’s own challenges: the value shift when drying, the taking up of prior colors when layering, and the need to constantly monitor the paint’s consistency.

    I am wrapping up a watercolor intensive period and hope to find more time to use gouache regularly next week. For me, the perfect day would allow me enough time to paint with both.

    1. Thanks for that, J. I think you are right, every day for a period of time might be best. So much to do!

  2. I think with so much visual art and other imagery artists can easily get distracted and that doesnt help progress. Sometimes it is good to take time to reflect, set goals and work towards them.
    I have seen the art tutor effect where they feel compelled to keep bringing up something new each session leaving their pupil’s head spinning and their confidence drained.

    1. Thanks for your response, Graham. I agree, there is a lot of lovely stuff to distract us. The goal setting idea is good – I’m not bad on short term goals, but I find it a bit harder to see the bigger picture.

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