A Triptych of Acrylic Paintings

The Progress of Mankind

All will now be revealed ! You may remember , a few posts ago , I showed you two large , abstract canvases which formed part of a series of three . Here, as promised , is the final painting .

A turquoise blue kite , soaring free into a glorious,  golden sky .This is the third canvas in the triptych.
Free Spirit

These three large canvases were entered as a proposal for a commission at a local stately home, to be displayed in the private chapel , inside the big house. Unfortunately, I was not successful on this occasion , but I was really inspired by the idea and I thoroughly enjoyed the process of entering.

Part One of the Triptych

I was reflecting on the state of our modern world , right at the beginning of the lockdown . So I thought about the idyllic world mankind lived in , before industrialisation and I painted this intuitive abstract to show an unspoiled planet , visualized as a sort of tropical paradise. For more details and close-ups of this painting , see https://margarethallfineart.com/paradise-acrylic-abstract-painting/


The next chapter in the story also came easily to me – I must have been feeling quite pessimistic and I portrayed a burnt-out , desolate world with a huge , red sun ( hints of global warming ? )

Hell on Earth

I suppose I must have been thinking about the excessive consumption and the way modern civilisation exhausts the Earth’s resources. This painting was shown in a virtual exhibition on Instagram – see https://margarethallfineart.com/three-abstract-paintings-on-canvas/ .

For the final part of the triptych , I thought about how the paintings were to be displayed in a church , where people could sit in quiet contemplation , perhaps hoping for a peaceful resolution of their troubles . So I tried to portray this as a spirit soaring free , away from all difficulties . I suppose I also used the motif of the kite to symbolise that feeling of wanting to escape from the ‘ virus ‘ problem , a feeling that a lot of us have experienced lately . But it was mainly painted instinctively and must have come from my subconscious.

A turquoise blue kite soaring free into the  glorious golden sky
Free Spirit

I hope that you enjoyed looking at my Isolation Art. There are actually two more large canvases that do take the story forward , when I think about it . But that can be saved for another day .

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    1. Thank you , Pauline .These canvases are 2ft square -this is quite big for me , and I’m loving painting them !

    1. Thanks very much, Felipe. I will show the other two soon and try to explain them! Thanks for the tweet- this is a first for me .

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