Sci-fi landscape – Acrylic Painting

Acrylic Painting of a Sci-fi Landscape with Colour Abstraction

A view from the bright orange beach over the peaceful , purple sea   - a sci-fi landscape
A Sci-fi landscape with Colour Abstraction

I’ve finished my little acrylic painting at last, my sci-fi landscape. Despite all this extra isolation free time , I still haven’t done much art . Well, I have actually been finishing off another large canvas – so that’s my excuse. And I’ve also started an art journal ( more for art therapy than anything else) .

This was an exercise we did a couple of weeks ago at Art Group. We all looked at the same copyright free photo and produce your own version . And then we tried to make as many changes as we wanted to or to add anything to it . So I changed some details such as omitting the bench and moving the cliff .Then I tried changing all the colours , which was surprisingly difficult , if you wanted to make it look harmonious . ( Apparently this is called colour abstraction ) . I also found patterns in the leaves, rocks and waves and exaggerated them . Of course , I am quite used to doing this when I paint my semi-abstracts. And I have been told that it now resembles a sci- fi landscape ! In fact , it was quite enjoyable to do , if you like a little challenge.

What changes would you make? You could see more abstracts in this post here .

6 Replies to “Sci-fi landscape – Acrylic Painting”

  1. How about seating someone on the bench and have a branch enfold their shoulder. In any case the tree has an anthropomorphic form as if it was someone bending over.

    1. Thank you . That’s a really interesting idea. I have actually done a couple of pieces where the trees look like figures , which can , of course be made to look friendly or sinister .

  2. I like the shifts and color choices, Margaret; has a more passionate feel for me 😊 Changing the colors, and harmonizing them, has always been a challenge but fun thing for me too. Some good ones, some not, but yours works really well I think!

    1. Thank you very much Having a limited palette helps,I think .I’ve recently done a few paintings in two or three colours that I chose beforehand and I quite like the restriction – sometimes you can be more creative that way .

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