Exhibition of Story Pictures – Cancelled

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight – Acrylic painting

Northern Fringe Artists’ Show at the Ridings Centre, Wakefield

The Green Knight, waiting at the doorway of his church for Sir Gawain

We had to cancel the launch of our latest exhibition this week due to the present situation, but the artwork is on the walls of our pop-up gallery , all ready for the time when we can safely open it to friends , family and the general public .

I belong to the Northern Fringe group of artists and this latest show is all about Yorkshire Makers inspired by Yorkshire Writers. I chose Simon Armitage who reworked a medieval poem about the Knights of the Round Table into a superb piece of his own in modern English. It was so easy to picture the scene : the Green Knight is waiting for Sir Gawain to continue the fight . I’ll not give away the ending , you’ll have to read it yourself !

As you might have heard me say before , I love painting story pictures and it’s really good to take up challenges from groups I belong to for fresh inspiration . For example, last year I responded to an artist’s call-out on the theme of ‘ Iconic ‘ and I came up with this semi-abstracted view of a ring of standing stones in the Lake District , England

Still Standing

Happily, this one was on display last year so I can’t really complain

Stay well .

8 Replies to “Exhibition of Story Pictures – Cancelled”

  1. Yes! Keeping one’s art ready, and continuing, are so good, so encouraging of a positive expectation! Thank you, Margaret! 😊 Like, btw, both pics, but esp love the abstracted stone piece; gave me a feel of viewing through time; nice! ❤️

    1. You’re welcome . I’m quite fond of the standing stones one – in my introduction to the painting when it was on display , I explained that I always think about the people who built the monument when I’m walking around it . The atmosphere seems so full of stories .

    1. Thank you. I am glad that my work makes people feel cheerful. I know it helps me and we all need it right now

  2. Yes Simon Armitage is really good. I saw him in a local theatre his poetry was very powerful and thought provoking.

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