Urban Sketching at Saltaire

Pen and Watercolour and Urban Sketching

Watercolour sketch with pen all in yellow mauve and brown showing huge vats in a brewery . Semi abstract style whilst urban sketching

This is just a quick post – I wanted to share with you a watercolour sketch I did this weekend . I spent the day with Urban Sketchers Yorkshire. We went to the fabulous Salts Mill ,at Saltaire near Bradford , a World Heritage site. But , first of all , we spent the morning in a craft brewery urban sketching, looking down on the factory from a balcony. See here for some great photos of the Beer Factory.

Well, I did my usual pen sketch and I realised how many gorgeous patterns there were in the view . So , when adding watercolour , I started to emphasize and exaggerate the abstract shapes. At the moment , I’m concentrating on abstract composition in my acrylic painting so I’m a bit obsessed ! But this is the first time I’ve actually put one together while ‘ one the spot ‘ so to speak. This could be addictive !

I used some of the new techniques I’ve learned – putting more contrast in the design and trying to harmonize the colours.

I’ll post something a bit longer soon , when I’ve a bit more time, all about a great exhibition I saw in Sheffield .

Have a look here for more of my urban sketching at Saltaire and other places !

8 Replies to “Urban Sketching at Saltaire”

  1. Well done! I haven’t tried to do this in the field and not sure I could. I like how you tied the barrels together with color, and I love the black and white stripes across the top.
    My son is a brewer at a small brewery in northern Wisconsin. You captured the feel of his world perfectly.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. The abstracting thing just comes if you have a go , I think. I’m glad you and your son think it looks authentic. The brewery was inside the pub , so there were refreshments at hand – beer , food and , in my case, a good cup of coffee, !

      1. I don’t think my son’s brewery offers coffee but he did give me some rootbeer ! 🙂 To tell the truth I really don’t sketch that much. I’m trying to get myself doing it again. Bought myself a pretty little sketchbook and some fun pens with brushes on the end. Now to get them in the purse and actually use them!

  2. There’s a welcoming feel about this I really like, intimate, as a small brewery should be I think 🍺 Nice work on the spot, Margaret! Did you use tube or pencil or such watercolors? (I’m literally just learning using watercolors)

    1. Hi Felipe .Thank you for all your support. The little brewery was quite welcoming and intimate – it was inside a lovely pub. I do go out quite a bit to sketch. I think it’s excellent training for your art practice. In this piece of work , I sketched with a marker pen and then flooded in some colour with my small watercolour set and a water brush. I’m not really a watercolourist but they are ideal for working on the spot. Keep on experimenting !

      1. Yes! I’m beginning to read more and more ‘bout the benefits of sketching (pen & ink, watercolor pencils,etc) then water coloring in when out plein air, or away from one’s art space at home anyways, lol! At my age I really need a very simple system, and this appears to be the best way forward right now, so was very glad to see your reply & info – thank you! 😊

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