Urban Sketching in Watercolour

Plein air watercolour sketching

Urban sketching - a view from the car park over the houses to the hill
From the Carpark

At last ! I managed to do a watercolour sketch outside from life (well , from the car window). And the house really was painted green ! I didn’t realise how much I would miss painting from life and going on Urban Sketchers Yorkshire days out . This took 20 minutes for the watercolour sketch and a little finish off at home with a fineliner . I like my plein air sketches to keep that freshness and I tend not to do too much ‘ editing ‘ afterwards .

A Harbour in Greenland

This is a great idea – Virtual Sketch on Facebook. You can do this in real time ( or afterwards) and go on a virtual trip to various locations in Greenland , pause the sequence and sketch . This is quick watercolour sketch of Sisimut harbour. I enjoyed sketching it ( 30 minutes ) and, for a moment or two I felt like I was really there ! If you check this out , there are lots of interesting places around the world to choose from .

Urban Sketching in a Brewery

At the Brewery

You might remember that this was the last Urban Sketchers trip I went on , to a brewery in Saltaire. I was really into my stride with this one back in February. I feel quite out of practice now. You might like to have a look at this post from February all about the Saltaire trip and my pen and wash sketch . http://margarethallfineart.com/urban-sketching-watercolour-abstract/

Saint Mary’s Church

I did this pen drawing through the art gallery window, looking down at the lovely church and churchyard right in the middle of town . I drew this straight in with a marker pen which gives it a fresh and lively look but doesn’t leave much room for error .

Sketching in Pen on a Collage Background

Art in the Cafe

And , to finish off with , a pen and ink sketch done last year while drinking a cup of coffee in a shopping centre cafe . Urban sketching at its best . were the days ! Something for us all to look forward to in these days of Social Distancing . Meanwhile , take care .

p.s – here is one I did this morning as part of a lovely walk around the park. 20 minutes. I think I might use it as a basis for an acrylic painting, concentrating on the different layers of greens , yellows and browns. There’s no time to be bored when you’re an artist !

A beautiful old tree

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  1. There’s something very special about all of these, Margaret! Each with their own charm, esp liked the top pic (green house 😊) and the Saint Mary’s Church with the marker pen! Definitely not much wiggle room for error with marker pens, lol! So, Virtual Sketch on Facebook, is that a site, FB art tool? Curious before I go hunt it down 😊

    1. Thank you , Felipe.I like to take a risk with a pen when I’m urbansketching! The facebook page is #virtualsketch .I went to Manchester,UK and Greenland .Let me know how you get on with it.

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