Springtime in Yorkshire

My Favourite Spring Flowers – Acrylic Paintings

An impressionist style scene showing a figure hoeing a row of vegetables in an allotment garden .Acrylic .
Daffs at the Allotment Acrylic on paper 16 x 12 inches

This acrylic painting , along with the other two I will show you, were chosen to be on display in a ‘Springtime in Yorkshire ‘ exhibition . And , this would have taken place at Skelmanthorpe Gallery featuring local artists ,in the month of April . But , of course , the exhibition was cancelled due to social isolation . This painting shows a sweet view of my allotment, complete with gardener and a row of daffodils , my favourite spring flowers .

I’ve just started working in the veg garden (a little bit late I know ) . For example , today I sowed rocket and radish seeds . Then I picked a stir fry of little shoots and things for dinner.

A clearing in a wood in morning sunshine lighting up patches of beautiful bluebells. Colourful , acrylic painting of springtime in Yorkshire
Bluebell Wood Acrylic on paper 16 x 12 inches – springtime in Yorkshire

This painting was proving to be quite popular with my art friends and supporters and would have been for sale . But, they didn’t get to see it , nicely framed and in a gallery setting.

It’s bluebell time at the moment here in Yorkshire, UK . Of course , this makes all the little pieces of woodland around us shimmer with that heavenly blue. So perfect for a vibrant , colourful painting .

Spring Flowers in the Big Rockery – Springtime in Yorkshire

A dreamy scene of a figure walking past a rockery composed of huge rocks and some small patches of snowdrops . Atmospheric , acrylic painting for the Spring Time in Yorkshire exhibition.
Snowdrops in the Big Rockery Acrylic on paper 16 x 12 inches

I must confess , Snowdrops in the Big Rockery is one of my favourite paintings .Probably because we often go walking in the grounds and park at Wentworth Castle Gardens and I love the place . So this painting shows the very end of winter and the beginning of spring last year. If you look carefully, you can see small clumps of snowdrop flowers, shining in the low light of late afternoon. If you would like to see more of my flower paintings , look here .

I was really looking forward to seeing all the original artwork from my fellow artists for this exhibition – Springtime in Yorkshire. Alas , it didn’t happen , but , maybe next year ! I hope that you enjoyed my exhibition review .

7 Replies to “Springtime in Yorkshire”

  1. Paintings always look better in reality. Bluebells are nice. Well, some art you’ve done is on paper. Acrylic should be practiced right away on canvas because it acts differently on different surfaces.
    I have no frames for my art, I just cannot afford them, but I agree, frame adds the final touch and makes painting look complete.

    1. Thanks , Inese .I do paint on canvas as well paper but , as you say the paint behaves differently , compared to paper . May I ask you , do you under paint on prepared canvas before you start the painting ? I do , but I never know if I’m doing the best thing . I’m really a novice in some of the techniques – I didn’t have the benefit of an art education .

  2. Love the blues and greens in these so much, Margaret! Especially the middle image – the mix of vertical shapes among the variety of rounder shapes is just beautiful! I hope very much ya’ll will be able to show again next year – it’s very hopeful really, there’s amazing progress along so many lines, including overhead UV light of varying potencies, some that people can be under, and some that must be used with no one inside. They’ve been used in hospitals for awhile, but mass production – and need – could/should make them available for all sorts of enclosed spaces! 😊 If it’s ok to post a link let me know, it’s just a general search on Google, tons of articles! Meanwhile, so glad you’re painting and looking forward to better times 💕

    1. Thank you for the support , Felipe. I really enjoyed painting the bluebell one – perhaps it shows in the composition . I am looking forward to the time when I can both show off my work and see other artist’s exhibitions in person . I do miss that at the moment . Thanks for the offer of more info , but I do better mentally if I don’t dwell on the virus situation . Happy painting !

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