Art for Sale – Coffee and Cake

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 This is an abstract composition with the figure of a young woman emerging from the background, sitting in  a cafe with coffee and cake  .
Coffee and Cake

I thought I’d just take this opportunity to showcase an acrylic painting once a month and offer it to you at a reduced price – art for sale ! You see , I have done quite a lot of artwork over the years . And , as a result , there are paintings everywhere in the house , just waiting for a new home to go to !

Anyway , this is an acrylic painting on paper , sized 16 by 12 inches . It’s unframed , without a mount , and sold as you see it . The colours are just very slightly brighter in real life . My camera didn’t pick up the vibrancy and richness of the colours, I’m afraid .

I painted it last summer when I was exploring the technique of painting over an existing finished painting . I created a semi-abstract composition using the same colour palette and atmosphere, if you like .Unfortunately , I didn’t keep a record of the original acrylic painting in this case ( see another example of this technique here )

As you can see , I was very interested in all the wooden objects in the cafe . For example , the window frames , the spokes of the chairs , the panelling and the floor boards. I also concentrated on the textures of the pretty tablecloth and the woman’s pink fluffy sweater . I expect you have already spotted the cup and the dainty , iced cake !

Coffee and Cake – a detail

Art for Sale

Would this painting look good in your kitchen ? Or perhaps in your lounge , something intriguing to look at as you enjoy a cup of coffee and a delicious cake or pastry . I wonder what she is thinking about ? You could choose a frame to match your own decor . I’m offering it at the bargain price of £40 including shipping – I’m based in the UK . Please contact me for more details by sending an email on the Contact page here .

Coffee and Cake – acrylic on paper

9 Replies to “Art for Sale – Coffee and Cake”

    1. Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed my little story – I never know how much detail to include – it’s all a learning curve !

    1. Thanks so much , Felipe . I’m glad you like my painting – this is definitely the sort of thing I’m into at the moment.

  1. Good idea. I think I should do something similar.
    However, over all 9 years I’ve been on WordPress, I have sold very few paintings from my website.
    Just like you, I paint over some painting which I do not like any longer, or sometimes when taking art to exhibitions, I have had paintings damaged. So, I have to paint over. Except, I never paint acrylic on paper. It’s simply easier to sell everything on canvas because that art can be used without a frame. I have about 1,500 unframed paintings of all sizes, watercolor, pastel, drawings and very many acrylics. Now, imagine if I wanted to frame them all?
    I wish you the best of luck with sale.

    1. That’s very interesting , Inese – about WordPress and selling. Which method do you think is the most successful ?
      I like to paint on canvas for all the reasons you mentioned, but they can be a bit delicate and not so easy to store in a small space
      Thanks for your good wishes – I think I’ll need all the luck I can get !

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