English Cottages in Acrylic and Watercolour

English cottages- this one is a grand house beside a large, beautiful pond. Semi-abstract style.
The Red House by the Pond

Good morning everyone. Last week I took advantage of two free tutorials online and I painted English cottages. Although this one looks to be rather a grand cottage. Of course, the location of it is superb, right next to a tranquil pond. You see, Artclassesgroup is the name of the host, and the classes took place over our school half term week. Although, to be honest, a lot of children in the UK are at home anyway right now. But, nonetheless, the group provided some good activities which were designed to interest all ages, including adults like me!

The Reflections of the Cottage

Closeup of the Water and the Reflection

As you can probably tell, I painted this in acrylic and fairly rapidly too (the class was only one hour long, but I spent another hour on it as well). Actually, I felt out of my comfort zone using this colour palette, which can be a good thing. Also I enjoyed learning a different way of depicting reflections. In this case, I roughly painted the shape of the cottage, let it dry and then very lightly brushed over the greeny blue colour of the water. Then, when that was dry, I applied some fine ripples in dryish white paint, to show the flow of the water. And all the time, I was wondering about who lived there. And I imagined being able to gaze out over that delicious view every morning, as I opened the curtains.

English Cottages in Watercolour

This white English cottage is beside a river, running through a beautiful valley. Watercolour in realistic style.
The House down by the River

And now for something completely different! In my opinion, this delicate watercolour in more realistic colours and detailed style contrasts well with the first painting. Obviously, the acrylic painting had dramatic, heightened colours and a fairly abstract brushstroke treatment. However, they are both English cottages near the water. Well, I painted this one while I was following a good tutorial hosted by Care Visions Healthy Aging group. Incidentally, I have done a few lessons with this group, including this girl on the beach here , a tribute to Joachim Sorolla. But, to return to my watercolour, here I tried to include realistic detail (not my usual style, but good practice).

Closeup of the House by the River

Although my brushstrokes are only suggestions, I have shown quite a lot of detail in the shutters, the garden shrubs and the gate. Again, what an idyllic, peaceful place to live! So, there’s some more virtual travelling for us, and I hope you enjoyed it!

If you want to see a more humble style of cottage, have a look at this post here. Then you’ll see the miner dressed in his Sunday best too!

7 Replies to “English Cottages in Acrylic and Watercolour”

  1. Beautiful as usual. In the first acrylic painting what I like most is the white stroke which depicts the reflection of light on water very well. The second painting give me a feeling of serenity.

    1. Thank you so much! I agree about the white ripples – the tuition on this class was very helpful. And I’m glad you found the watercolour soothing, it had that effect on me too as I was painting.

    1. Thank you, Felipe. It was nice to do two contrasting techniques on similar subject matter – quite by chance, really. And I find that the more work I do, the more the creative ideas keep coming.

  2. For me Margaret, the top cottage looks like it is on a hill of water. The perspective lines of the far lake edge need to be flatter – following the edge you have created at the front.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Graham. We copied a painting- there were a few bits in the composition I couldn’t agree with. But I decided just to go with the flow. It was a fun activity for an hour, aimed at kids and grownups alike. I enjoyed it and learned stuff as well, so it was a win win outcome!

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