Fishes Swimming in the Deep Blue Sea

Swimming Free

Good morning everyone. This is my latest little gouache painting for our Beginner Gouache group on Mewe. And I painted these fishes swimming among the coral for our March theme – Aquatic Life. If you want to see the other gouache of a lily pond that I did for the theme, see here . To be honest, I try to paint at least two each month for this group. Because it’s a great group and well worth supporting – the work we produce is really rather good. Also, I find that joining in like this is helpful for my development as an artist. For example, I think that the themes are quite inspiring (this month’s challenge is ‘Garden’). In addition, I am still quite a beginner with this medium and I do benefit from the practice of a new skill.

Fishes Swimming among the Coral

A gouche painting of tropical fish, swimming through the coral.
Photo reference by David Cloade in Unsplash

Actually, I did rather enjoy painting the faces of the fish, much to my surprise. And, I did somehow manage to put a little bit of character into them! But, we are, happily, allowed some artistic license in this group!

Swimming Free – a closeup

I was quite pleased with this effort, 11 by 8 inches in my sketchbook. However, I was disappointed that I didn’t work out how to add more vibrant flashes of green on the fish. Perhaps I need a better quality of paints, or more variety of colours. Or, maybe just more practice! I do find gouache more tricky to work with than acrylic. But I just love the chalky quality and the colours.

Fishes in a Tropical Sea

A watercolour background of sea and coral with collaged fish in black and white.
Under the sea

Finally, here’s another sketchbook page of collage fishes swimming in a watercolour sea, with some imagined coral! Well, I created this last year in deep Lockdown, hoping to cheer myself up. And, it still makes me smile! If you want to read more about this post, see here .

10 Replies to “Fishes Swimming in the Deep Blue Sea”

  1. I love those fish. You did give them a sly humorous expression, I think, they look like they have plans! And I think gouache comes naturally to you. I love how you handle the colors.

    1. Thank you so much, Claudia. I didn’t realise they looked like they were ‘on a mission’ till afterwards!

  2. Agree w/the others, Margaret, great colors, and love those expressions! 😊 I like tinkering w/gouache too; seems to get a bit of flash like you mentioned on a small 5×7 I did few months ago I ended up letting it sit, then went back to it one day and it (flash of color) worked much better! Just needed to dry more completely maybe? I use water soluble gouache vs acrylic gouache.

    1. Thank you so much, Felipe. I use water soluble gouache like you, and, I think you may be right – perhaps I should have let it dry completely before adding big colour changes. Oh well, next time I can experiment a bit more.

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