My Second New Style Portrait

Good morning everyone. This is my second new style portrait and I promised to show you how it turned out. So, here it is! And I decided to title it ‘What’s Next?’. Actually, I don’t have much inspiration when it comes to inventing titles! Anyway, I’m pleased to say that I feel that I am making progress with learning how to paint better portraits. So much so that I felt confident enough to show the unfinished painting to my artbuddies. And test out ideas about changing the background colour of the portrait. So I decided to go ahead with this purpley blue colour.

As these are really practice paintings, I’m content to leave it as it is now. And remember the lessons I’ve learnt to try out on the next one. Hint – it’s a fairly famous person ( in England anyway!)

6 Replies to “My Second New Style Portrait”

    1. Thank you so much, Claudia! I’m glad you appreciate it. But I think I need to find out how to make the expression less intense too for future portraits. Still working on that!

    1. Thank you so much, Robin! Tbh, now I’m trying to work on making these portrait people look more relaxed!

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