New Watercolour Techniques in Flowers

Bright Tulips

Good morning everyone. As you may know if you read my blog, I do like to follow online art courses. And I love to work in all sorts of media, and try out new watercolour techniques. So I thought I’d show you some more updates from the Watercolours Made Simple lessons.

Well, the idea is to paint flowers in a more general way than carefully including each detail of a particular flower. Actually, this is more difficult than it sounds. Because my visual memory is not too good, I had a photograph in front of me here. However I tried to view the general shapes of the blooms of the whole bunch and sort of invent newer versions of them. Obviously, such intense scrutiny of the flowers should feed into my memory. Which will help me next time I try this exercise in painting generic flowers. But why do I need to do this, you may wonder? Because then I can concentrate on placing the individual elements in a pleasing design. Afterwards it could be used for a greetings card, for example. Or just simply for a different kind of floral painting.


Now, in this attempt above, I did in fact have the flowers in front of me, which made the exercise easier. Of course, I shall need a lot more practice, but it is quite enjoyable And a pleasant way of spending time on the new watercolour techniques I’m studying. Have a look at this post here for a realistic portrait of a bunch of flowers. Finally, I’ll leave you with an example of another way of painting flowers – semi abstracting from reality.


9 Replies to “New Watercolour Techniques in Flowers”

  1. They’re all interesting to me, Margaret – the middle work’s design just grows out of the neutral flat background, while the semi-abstract I think is my favorite! 😊 The gradation nuances are literally yummy, for lack of a better word, lol!

    1. Thank you, Felipe. I like the semi-abstract too – I think you can tell I enjoyed blending the colours!

  2. I especially like the abstract. But all of them are so fresh in color and their form. I like how you’re experimenting, too, I enjoy seeing how you approach different things.

    1. Thank you, Claudia! I’ve been concentrating hard on keeping colours clear and fresh. And, not just in watercolour. I suppose it is experimenting, but to me it just feels like play!

    1. Thank you so much, Vivienne. Everyone on WordPress seems to like that one, not so much on Instagram!

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