Watercolour Experiment in Autumn Colours

Autumn Wood

Good morning everyone. This watercolour experiment started off as a doodle really, then I began testing out different ways of manipulating the paint. After studying Paul Talbot-Greaves’ lovely book, I realised that I needed to practise techniques. And, by making a sample sheet, rather than a ‘proper’ painting so that I felt free to play. And, it definitely worked! So, here you can see wet-in-wet, stippling, spattering, dry brushing dripping and, hopefully, more movement of paint. However, it’s not in my nature not to put a bit of a story into my painting. Consequently, it became a walk in a wood at autumn time. Actually, the choices of colours and shapes must have come from my subconscious.

Autumn Wood, a closeup

In fact, I found this exercise very useful and I think I shall be a bit more confident now when painting in watercolour. Honestly, I wasn’t using enough paint or making it wet enough, so things had to change!

Last Year’s Watercolour Experiment in Autumn Colours

Lovely Autumn Day

Really, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the season than to sit and drink in the atmosphere of a beautiful autumn day. And then to paint a memory.

You could see more of last year’s autumn plein air watercolour sketches in this post here. And, don’t forget, all my work is for sale at reasonable prices. Just go to the Contact Me page and send me an email for more details.

13 Replies to “Watercolour Experiment in Autumn Colours”

  1. Just marvelous, Margaret! Had to share on Twitter & Pinterest 😊 I’m finding the same thing, work on a “sample” paper or such, or just call it that, and it helps me let go a bit; but back to your new piece – love the luminosity and color gradations, just interesting all around! ❤️

    1. Thank you so much, Felipe! It’s so kind of you to share my work. I did have great fun with this piece. And, it felt relaxing, the power of the ‘sample’ frame of mind!

  2. I love the colours in these, and I have looked up the book you mentioned and got his ebook from the library. It is very good. I’ve just started working smaller, quick experimental pieces too. Very satisfying

    1. I’m so glad that you are enjoying the book, P. You’re right, the practice pieces are very pleasing to do. Word soon gets around about something good!

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