Bird in Lockdown – Update

Mixed Media Pigeon – now finished.

A pigeon in a loose watercolour style  , drawn first in pen , washed in watercolour ( grey and purple  ) and then finished with coloured pencils
Lockdown Pigeon

As promised , the finished version of the bird in mixed media – drawn in pen , thin watercolour washes and then strengthening the colours and adding detail with coloured pencils .

She’s Spotted Something

I like leaving all the construction lines in – this did actually start off as a doodle , so there are plenty of lines , until the drawing decided what it wanted to be !

Feathers and Foliage

Actually , the coloured pencils are ideal for soft feathers and grasses .

All the art on my website is for sale at reasonable prices . This mixed media piece is 9 by 9 inches square. Watercolour , pen and coloured pencil on paper , priced at £25 including shipping in the UK . Affordable Art – if you want to treat yourself !

Bird Art in Lockdown

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    1. Thanks very much, Felipe, for your kind words and for the tweet ! I think using watercolour and coloured pencil gives a gorgeous glossy look to this kind of mixed media work – especially if you keep the washes quite light .

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