Experiments at Beginner Printing Workshop

Which Way Up?

Good morning everyone. This is just a quick catchup post, I’m quite busy with two exhibitions at the moment, so, more of that later! Anyway, we did an in house beginner printing workshop at Art Society last week. And we carved out designs on cheap polystyrene tiles. Honestly we really did have a great time. Firstly I concentrated on a simple star shaped design.

Stars 1
Stars 2

Then I went a bit more fancy, added two colours, reversed the block for the second print and used cardboard to print on ( breakfast cereal packet, actually!

Which Way Up?

Finally, I went mad and printed white, black and orange on black paper. And I tore up the two blocks into pieces and over printed with them till the paper was saturated with ink! Perhaps you can see how the protective sheet of paper I placed on top ripped out chunks of the print. All because it wasn’t dry as I took it home. In fact, it didn’t dry for a week!

Black on Black

Anyway, it was great fun and we went home full of ideas to try out on our next printing workshop. You could have a look at more mixed media experiments in this post here.

7 Replies to “Experiments at Beginner Printing Workshop”

    1. Thank you, Claudia. I must admit, I really enjoyed doing it – perhaps I might try real lino next time.

      1. I have done some Lino prints and I think once you get the hang of using the tools (which is not that hard) it is s much fun to plan and execute an image. And I love the results which I think are innately dramatic and expressive.

        1. To be honest, I’m not that good at planning the end result. But I agree that the images end up being bold and striking. Which is nice!

          1. I’m terrible at planning too. How many times did I draw out the image for the print and change it as I was cutting? Every time. Somehow it works out. More fun for me that way.

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