New Solo Exhibition Now Open

The Poster

Good morning everyone. My new solo exhibition is now open, until the end of March at the Buzz Gallery, Rotherham Roar. What a pleasure it was to put it together and then to see it actually on the wall. Actually, I haven’t displayed works on paper unframed before. And I was surprised at the immediacy of the paintings without glass or frames. In my opinion they made much more of an impact. And I could see this in the strong emotional reactions of the visitors. Admittedly, we did it this way because the walls weren’t suitable for hanging. However, it was a bright, lively display which demanded attention. Exactly what I wanted!

The Three Sections of my New Solo Exhibition

As I was choosing acrylic paintings on paper , I realised that they fell roughly into three categories: British landscapes, Australian scenes and abstracts. So, that was how I displayed them. For example, in the general landscape section I placed this painting, a scene inspired by enjoyable holidays in the Lake District, UK.

Next, here I can show you the Australian group of paintings. And these are some of the results of an online course tutored by Rod Moore from Queensland. When two of my artbuddies said how much it reminded them of trips to Australia, I was delighted!

The Red Path

Finally, my favourite section – the abstracted and semi abstracted landscape. In fact, I kept changing my mind what to include here. But, I had to make room for this one, which certainly commanded a lot of attention!


Well, there certainly was a great deal of work in mounting my new solo exhibition, but I had a blast! And, to top it off, the minute the show was live, a very delighted customer took my ‘Bluebell Wood ‘ painting to a new home! If you want to have a look at the last solo exhibition I did before the pandemic, see this post here.

Bluebell Wood

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  1. Your Bluebell Wood is stunning, Margaret! Congratulations on the open sale! So glad for you 💕 And much as I like that painting, my favs of yours are also your abstracts ❤️ You’ll have to give us updates through the month- wishing you all the best!

    1. Thank you so much, Felipe. The lady who bought it was so pleased with it and that made me feel so good! I’m glad you like my abstracts, that’s where my heart lies now.

      1. Abstracts seem to be my path right now too, a return to my work in the 1980s, but with nearly 1/2 a century of further development in acrylics; plus I might’ve accidentally learned a couple things to do differently this time around, lol!

        1. Thank you so much for the links, Felipe. I do appreciate your support, and I certainly had a good increase in folks looking at my WordPress website! And I do agree with you that it’s very nice to be in contact with artbuddies around the world.

    1. Thank you so much, Claudia.The sale was a nice surprise. I really do indulge myself when it comes to slapping on the colour!

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