My Elephant Painting has Sold!

All Dressed Up

Good morning everyone. As you can tell, I’m so pleased that my elephant painting has sold from our art society exhibition. And it went off to its new home. The lovely buyer wanted to have it for a splash of colour in a newly decorated hallway in his home. So I know it will be looked after. In fact, we did quite well and four paintings were sold, which is good, I think, in the present state of affairs. Anyway, it’s not the main purpose of putting on our exhibition which was to enjoy showing off our work to each other, friends and family. And, from that point of view it was a huge success.

Woman Carrying Water
Bathing in the Ganges River

The two images above were painted in gouache paint during our first Covid lockdown in 2020, photos from Unsplash. Obviously, they are also scenes from life in India, like my elephant painting. And they were part of a monthly challenge in a painting group I joined. To be honest, it was a godsend to virtually meet up and work with other artists at that time. And the group is still going strong – Beginner Gouache Group over on Mewe. As you can see, connecting with fellow artists is always important to me. And, of course, that’s why I love writing this blog and being a part of this artists’ community. You could click here to see my painting of a bluebell wood, which sold at my last solo exhibition in March.

17 Replies to “My Elephant Painting has Sold!”

    1. Thanks very much, Susan. I must admit that I was very pleased when this sold, as it almost sold in another gallery a few weeks ago. But mistakes were made, and the customer was disappointed. So, I’m really glad it has been appreciated by someone else. Susan, this comment was intended for your reply about my ruined farmhouse on the moor painting. So, I’m not sure what happened there!

      1. No worries. Something like that happened to me a couple of months ago. Someone put a sold sticker on my painting without getting any money. The so called purchaser never returned. In the meantime that painting could have sold to someone else. Pleased yours sold!!

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