Three Mixed Media Abstracts from my Artjournal

A jumble of sharp, jagged shapes and urgent flashes of red - a mixed media abstract showing anxiety and fear.

Hello everyone. Today I’d like to show you the work I’ve been doing in my art journal – some mixed media abstracts. Actually, I’ve continued using this journal since last March, when our first period of lockdown began. To be honest, I turn to it when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. As you can see in the image above, this intuitive abstract composition is quite dark and sombre looking. And there are some spiky shapes and touches of bright red to indicate danger. In fact, I used gouache paint, pencil and pen, and afterwards I felt much better!

An Experimental Mixed Media Abstract

Yellow and Grey

This drawing above is a good example of how I also use my journal to experiment with different techniques. As you can see, here I limited myself to lemon yellow and medium grey. Because I wanted to create a piece for a challenge in the Triwing Challenge group on Mewe. In truth, I would probably never have chosen this combination of colours. But it was very enjoyable and concentrated my mind on texture. You see, I had seen some fab work online with really densely applied layers. And, I used pencil, marker and oil pastel in this drawing. There’s a great freedom in scribbling in a journal. In addition, it’s therapeutic too!

A compact,crowded abstract composition of organic shapes in orange, yellow and dark green.
New Style Abstract

Finally, I’m quite proud of this little painting/ drawing. For, I tried a new style – a composition centred in the middle of the paper, with lots of white paper showing. Obviously, it’s quite different to my usual style which completely covers the space on the paper. And I tried adding graphic marks on top of acrylic paint with markers and biros. Watch out, I feel a series of mixed media abstracts coming on!

If you would like to see more Lockdown Artjournal experiments, see here and here.

11 Replies to “Three Mixed Media Abstracts from my Artjournal”

    1. Thank you, Claudia! I shall definitely do more of the small ones – it seems to unlock a different part of my abstract brain !

  1. Art therapy! Brilliant! These are lovely pieces which have come out of the process! During my own healing journey I used art therapy combined with writing words onto my work. Sometimes I’d paint, then write on top, or incorporate words into the piece.

    Other times I’d write on a piece of art paper, tear it up and collage the pieces I wished to keep onto a painted substrate. The pieces of words I didn’t wish to keep, (the darkness I was fighting) would be burned, as a ceremonial release of the negative from my body.

    Whatever methods I used they were all intuitive, no planning, just connecting with the pain and damage to release it.

    Wonderful way to deal with fears, pains, troubles! Bravo!

    1. Thank you so much! I think that a lot of artists are finding comfort in artwork in these difficult times. Thanks for the suggestions too – I might try some of them out.

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