New Australian Landscape in Gouache

Just Before Sunset

Hello everyone. At last I can write a new post! After a few tension filled days when I couldn’t get into my website! But my host provider did a great job and banished all the glitches promptly. Thank goodness. And here is my new Australian landscape in gouache. In fact, there is a story behind this painting. Perhaps you remember that I follow a great course online by Rod Moore here . And we have just been on a virtual trip into the Outback with him. Well, virtual for us and very real for Rod. Along the way we watched the travel videos and sketched and painted the spectacular views. Actually it was very enjoyable and quite inspiring. Of course, I don’t know much about this type of landscape, as I’ve never been to Australia. However, I feel I know it a bit better now. And I really enjoyed the challenge of portraying the dry soil and the faded vegetation in my new Australian landscape. Because of course it’s winter there at the moment. Well, that’s all for now and I’ll show you my next gouache of Australia as soon as it is finished.

Meanwhile, here is my favourite of all the landscapes of Australia that I’ve painted on this course.

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    1. Thank you so much, J. I have painted many rocks in the past that looked nothing like rocks! So, keep on practising!

  1. It has a lovely loose feel about it: reminds me of the Australian Impressionists – Roberts and Streeton et al and my days (well day) in the Blue Mountains. Those were the days; day.

    1. Thank you, Graham. You are exactly right! My tutor quotes Streeton as his main influence and hero!

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