Virtual Travelling to Queensland, Australia

A Hot Day in Queensland, Australia

Good morning everyone. Today I thought I would feature some of the paintings at present on show in the Buzz Gallery at Rotherham Roar. And I think this must be my favourite, the tin roofed little house in the Outback. Actually, I did feel the heat as I was painting it, in my imagination at least. This was just one of my adventures in virtual travelling in Australia.

The Morning Sun on the Crags

Another one of the paintings I enjoyed painting was this beautiful view over the rocky, exposed crags . To be honest, I learned a useful tip from our tutor Rod Moore here. In order to achieve that effect, I painted the red rock colours with horizontal strokes and then dragged a dry brush downwards, carefully over the paint.

The Australia Section

Incidentally, I painted the Mary River picture on Rod’s course too. But this time in gouache, not acrylic. However, it didn’t make the final cut into the show. So, here it is for you to see.

The Mary River, Queensland, Australia

Well, I hope you enjoyed my virtual travelling along with me. It certainly lifted my spirits during the past two years, as you can see in this post here.

All my work is for sale at reasonable prices. For example, the Mary River painting is £40 plus shipping, unframed. Just go to the Contact Me page and send me an email for more details.

12 Replies to “Virtual Travelling to Queensland, Australia”

  1. These are lovely! And, yes – the heat is there! I ♥️ all of them but my fav is the “A Hot Day in Queensland, Australia.” WOW! The heat, the light, the shade…the sense of isolation…it’s amazing. 🥰👋

    1. Thank you so much , Robin. I really appreciate your support. I used my imagination to put the atmosphere into that painting – it wasn’t difficult!

  2. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing the technique of painting rock. I like those first two painting most. I can feel the serene nature from stillness of the water. In the second painting the texture of the metal and the sunny bright day is well depicted.

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