Realistic or Abstract – Your Choice!

Silver Surfer

Good morning everyone. I wanted to ask you a question – do you choose to paint in realistic or abstract style? Or, if you aren’t an artist yourself, which style do you prefer to look at and admire? Actually, this is what we were discussing last week at a ROAR artists meeting. Well, to be honest, it was a topic I introduced when it was my turn to show my artwork.

Silver Surfer on a Virtual Wall

Perhaps it isn’t so obvious in these images. But this started off as an intuitive abstract and morphed into a seaside themed painting. However, in no way could it be called realistic.

Pink Blossom

Now this one was intended from the outset to be realistic, it’s an Australian landscape. If you read my blog you have probably seen me write about the course I’m following by tutor Rod Moore. And this is the result of one of his tutorials using his own photo. In fact, in addition to learning loads of useful stuff, I found my painting style was really tightening up. Of course, this wasn’t due to the excellent teaching at all. Just an outcome of concentrating very hard on accuracy of detail. Anyway, for me, this is an extremely realistic style .

Showing my work at the meeting

So, realistic or abstract – which do you find yourself drawn to? Or, which do you spend most time painting? If you want see more of my abstract paintings, have a look at my gallery here – I’ve just updated it.

6 Replies to “Realistic or Abstract – Your Choice!”

  1. I’d have to say my own work is sort of in the middle, not totally realistic and not totally abstract. I enjoy looking at all styles but I prefer some abstraction, I’m not usually drawn to exact realism. I enjoy how versatile you are in your work.

    1. Thank you! Actualy, I feel very inspired by your work, Claudia. But, as you say, I do like to change things up.

  2. These are so cool – terrific post! 👏👏👏👏👏 My personal viewing preference is more abstract than realistic. To create? LOL – I’m a bad draw-er so even when I try to make things realistic they end up abstract. 🤗

    1. Thank you so much, Robin! I like abstract art too. And I find it quite relaxing to create- so much freedom!

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