Art Society Exhibition at Raven

Good morning everyone. Our new art society exhibition at Raven Gallery, Mexbrough has just opened! And this image is my painting ‘The Boy and the Bird’, which you may have seen before. Anyway, here is the poster I made for us – and I used my painting ‘The Bluff’ Australian Outback’ on here.

By the way, we had the launch event last night and it was a great success. Actually, the gallery is only a low rent empty shop unit. But we have had some brilliant exhibitions there.

In fact, despite my best efforts, it was quite difficult to take decent photos of the artwork. So please forgive the reflections. So this one shows work by me, Jean, Roger and Sue. And it’s the only acceptable group shot I could get. Mine is the semi-abstract landscape top right. And I was so pleased to have positive feedback from my artbuddies on its first showing!

Here is my latest little gouache that I hurried to finish after the Photographic Society came to our art society with their recent show. And the photos of the tulip festival in Holland really inspired me.

Also, I had the chance to show my painting ‘Autumn Morning’ for the first time. And it felt marvellous to see it on the wall – these semi-abstract landscape are the ones I really enjoy doing. They are just for myself!

To tell you the truth, it is really classy our exhibition at Raven Gallery, but I am biased! I’m going back to the gallery to steward next week, so I’ll try to get some better photos of our group’s work to show you next time. Incidentally, this is a volunteer led gallery curated by Pete, whose goal it is to bring art to his home town.

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